Project 365 ~ January 2014


January 2014 Project 365 +\-

Project 365 ~ December 2013


Just like the snow, December came with little warning and disappeared just as quickly. In fact, this entire year has seemed to fly by. It seems only a few days ago that we were spending New Year’s Eve fixing a broken couch and watching bad films as we waited to welcome 2013… And here we are, once again, on New Year’s Eve, waiting to usher in yet another new year… And so goes the cycle.

Project 365 ~ November 2013

photo 1

November’s iPhone Photo per Day Post

Project 365 ~ October 2013

photo 3

Project 365 Post – October ushered in cooler weather, family travel, and a generally good time!

Project 365 ~September 2013

photo 2

September’s #Project365 offerings.

Project 365 ~ August 2013

Up, Up, & Away

August was a month of getting things back to normal. School started for the kids. Planning was done. Things were said. Driveways were cut in. Parties were had. Stuff, just kinda happened! We visited the Balloon Festival in early August and we also scoped out the scary, abandoned Metro North Mall. The Scouts had a […]

Project 365 ~ July 2013

Work Crew

I’ve labelled this last month “The Lost Month”. Staring on June 22, I have been on so many different immune suppressing medications that by July 14, I ended up with an emergency stay in the hospital due to a very nasty infection and a subsequent semi-quarantined, work-from-home existence for the entire rest of the month. In fact, I spent so much of my time hidden away from anyone who might be a carrier of disease that I actually started relishing the life of a hermit!

Project 365 – June 2013

photo 3

June was marked by a major MS exacerbation and the subsequent treatment thereof. Not a lot of travel, but a lot of family time was to be had by all. Here are a few highlights ~H   Zona Rosa’s Entrance Tower The Blanket Monster DOES Exist!   The newest Will Smith action Flick…   No […]

Project 365 – May 2013

In the Tall Grass

#Project365 – May 2013
May showers bring June flowers with CwCM (ˆ⌣ˆ)

Project365 – April 2013


April means Pinewood Derby racing, family time, and FUN!!

Project365 – March 2013


March’s Project365 round up!

Project 365 February 2013


February 2013
Recap of my daily iPhone practice for The month of February.

Project 365 – January 2013

Union Station KC

January 2013
Recap of my daily iPhone practice for January 2013


Burn Self. Burn.

Waiting for the Bus: Rain

Waiting for Bus-1



My Daughter, The Dead Fish

Dead Fish

My daughter being a “Dead Fish” last night at dinner.  Isn’t she precious? ;D Miranda Fish Series – Fish 1 – Variant 1   Miranda Fish Series – Fish 1 – Variant 2   Miranda Fish Series – Fish 1 – Variant 3

Keep Your Game Up!


Follow these suggestions and reminders to help revive your craft during creative lulls.

Never Underestimate the Power of Social Media…


Can social media help even this lowly photographer find a model? You bet it can! :D

World of Wheels: What a Blast!


We survived World of Wheels unscathed (beside my sore ears from all the whining I was forced to listen to!) and had a great time!

Sins & Vices – All those Bad Things We Do


What an exhausting pace I’ve been keeping this term. My photography course kept me hopping and with all that tumbling after me, here we are at the end. My final project is officially finished, turned in and has been graded (although grades have not been posted as of yet.) Three weeks, over 1,700 photos and […]

Two More Weeks…

Graveyard Moss

Again, a busy two weeks shooting and another two weeks of busy holiday events! Take a look!

Pretty as a Picture

The Spell

This weekend finds me busy. Family, friends and lot’s and lot’s of work requests (scholarly and otherwise!) So, in lieu of a long, detailed post, here’s a few samples of what’s been going on! Miranda, casting a spell on the flowers at our table. A few apples and pomegranates I had laying around made for […]

Location Scouting… Again!


Last weekend was a combination of location scouting and generalized shooting. Now I’m armed with a slew of new places to photograph and a lot of new ideas for pieces I didn’t have before. Of course, nothing else got done last weekend, so it’s time to buckle down and get to work! No more playing… […]