Project 365 ~ July 2013


I’ve labelled this last month “The Lost Month”. Starting on June 22, I have been on so many different immune suppressing medications and treatments that by July 14, I ended up with an emergency stay in the hospital due to a very nasty infection. Following, I led a semi-quarantined, work-from-home existence for the entire rest of the month. In fact, I spent so much of my time hidden away from anyone who might be a carrier of disease that I actually started relishing the life of a hermit!

So, my images are a lot of what I saw everyday: Myself, my kids, my family, my life…

With that in mind, here are a few of my favorites from July:

photo 4

This is me, sans make-up,  right after I died my hair pinkish-red on July 3rd. The color has been holding surprisingly well, considering I used cheaper color than I’m used to for such bright hues. I’m thinking the fact that we left it on for 3+ hours before rinsing might be part of the reason! :D


photo 1a

These are some of the medications I was taking at the beginning of July. This is only a partial pile.. There were more that were taken later in the day. I found myself musing that there was something inherently flawed in a system that profits from your illness while simultaneously being trusted with curing you of that illness and pondering which side of morality the resulting actions would lie.


photo 3

My mom and Lizzie on Independence Day. This is something my family does. They play the guitar and sing and, sometimes, I try to sing, too. That’s one thing I hate about the immunosuppressants. (Amongst the many things… There are oh, so many things I hate about them.) They make me more susceptible to everyday bugs. So my throat is sore more often than it isn’t and that pretty much destroys any chance of singing I have… and I love to sing. :(


photo 2a

This was one of the IV meds they gave me while I was in the hospital. That was the most ridiculous weekend ever. I ended up with the flu and lost over 35 lbs of water within 24 hours due to the illness. It got so bad that I started passing out and my legs kept cramping up, becoming immobile for 30+min at a time. Eventually, after passing out in the bathroom with my eyes open and Jason thinking I was dead, we decided it was time for me to go to the hospital. Where they took a look at my blood work and said “Nuh-uh — You ain’t going nowhere.” I was there overnight and went home the next afternoon, still sick, but much improved.


photo 2

This is my sweet, old, dapple dachshund, Pig. He is 10 years old and getting a bit senile. In fact, most of the time, he doesn’t know what’s going on and gets confused, but then he sees me and is so happy because he always recognizes me. :) He’s such a sweet little boy.

photo 1

These are Girl Scouts doing their Summer Service Project in a local community garden full of harvests slated for those in need.


photo 5

While working from home, Bloo was the best collaborator I could have asked for! In fact, she had something to say about almost every decision I made when it came to meals, jobs, breaks, etc. :)


photo 4a

This is a creepy little chapel located outside of a local eatery. The building is old, leaky and has a door that is open to the elements, but blocked off with a heavy gate. To me, it looks like the set to some sort of horror film, only it’s real :\


photo 3a

This is Mae at Girl Scout Day Camp, when we came to pick her up on the last day. It was hot, she was tired… But look at all those adorable freckles and curls! :D

And that’s that! Thanks for reading and, as always, have a great day!



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