Current Histories

This series of landscapes, portraits, and lifestyle photography documents slightly altered, partially imagined, and often surreal moments of daily life in a “just left of reality” fashion.



I have always been fascinated by emotion and how it’s represented by the human form. In this series, I tried to capture the frustration and rage each of us has felt at one time or another as it played across the faces of those closest to me.

This portion of an ongoing series meant to represent and analyze human emotion, has been a hobby of mine for several years. As it develops further, I hope to see it in print in the form of a book and as a solo exhibit.



So much can happen in a single moment. A car crash, a birthday surprise, a first kiss… Some would say an entire lifetime lasts but a moment. This is what I tried to capture within these images of familiar subject and youthful vigor: How much can happen in such a small space of time.



I love people’s hands. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that a person’s hands can often tell you more about his life than his face! This series focuses on hands an what we can see from them.


Art + Photo Hybrids