Project 365 ~ November 2013


November felt rushed. Too many things to do. Too much responsibility. Too few breaks… And my photos reflect that. They are uninspired, tired, and rather utilitarian. Not at all what I strive for or what I enjoy.

As an aside, I really think that I’ve bitten off a little more than I can chew on all personal fronts and I am hoping I can reorganize or delegate some of my responsibilities in the upcoming months so that I don’t feel so overwhelmed. However, since that is not what’s happening now, here are my November photos.

photo 2

Fat Lip Hollie


photo 3

Wetlands Workshop with the Brownies @ The KC Zoo


photo 4

Miranda: Big Head, Tiny Legs


photo 5

Cooking with Mae: Cheesecake Crust


photo 1

Photo Bomb Mae – Ever the ham, Mae just couldn’t help herself!


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