Just a Quickie…


  • Designer and photographer for many fine people and places, including: Smithfield Farmland Corp., The Coleman Hawkins Jazz Society & Missouri Western State University.
  • Specializes in project conceptualization, Art & Street Photography, Lifestyle Photography and Creative Portraiture, and holds degrees in Journalism and Technical Communication.
  • Creates fine Art Photo Prints, Original Paintings and Drawings, Tattoo Flash, Handmade Idea Books, Journals & Print Stationery and Revamped Wearables and Jewelry.
  • Former Journalist specializing in entertainment, news, obituary and crime reporting.
  • Designer and Editor of numerous labels for a variety of food product applications.

The Longer Version

Hollie, a veteran to the Kansas City Art Scene, uses her artistic vision to design and document the world around her. Although best known for her fine art & cityscape photography, she also creates a variety of original paintings and drawings, handmade journals, revamped wearables and so much more. She also sculpts figures and faces and designs handmade and digital art journaling kits and customized art print stationery.

Her background includes degrees, studies and experience in journalism, photography, art studies and design. She was introduced to photography during high school, where she won several awards and had some of her sculptural work shown in local museums. During studies for her first degree, Hollie tried to find ways to pull her love of art and photography into her journalism program by incorporating it into assignments whenever she could, often making innovative and impressive presentations.

Hollie’s appreciation of emotion and the expression of such has led her to capture it in it’s various forms: raw, manipulated, subtle or obtuse. Much of her photographic work strives to elicit an emotional response, while others hope to capture it. Sometimes, the camera is enough in her journey to find these emotions. Other times, she uses a variety of computer programs and development techniques to manipulate her images to create image enhancing effects.

Her work is unique in its application and design and can be found in a variety of places, from your local grocery store in the form of food product labeling to fine art exhibitions across the country. She currently resides in a kitschy Kansas City ranch with her family and a small dachshund.

For professional inquiries, Hollie can be reached at InfamousMsH @ gmail.com or a variety of social media outlets.



Photographer, Artist, Author, and Editor at Clockwork Creation Machine Blog

Writer, St. Joseph News-Press, Summer 1998 – Fall 2000

Writer and Section Editor, Griffon News, July 1999 – September 2000

Group Exhibition


Soho Photo’s Small Works 2012 • Soho Photo Gallery, New York, NY

iSpy Camera Phone Photography • book and online exhibition • The Kiernan Gallery, Lexington, VA

Love Online Exhibition, February 2012 • Lenscratch Photo Blog, http://www.lenscratch.com


20th Annual Louisville National Juried Photography Show • Louisville, CO, Center for the Arts


Regional High School Art Exhibition • Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art, St. Joseph, MO



Women Photography Forum, August 2011 • http://www.womenphotographerforum.net/