photo 2

After a bit of bum luck on Etsy, I’ve decided that in addition to selling my prints I could make them into one or two-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.

Keep Your Game Up!


Follow these suggestions and reminders to help revive your craft during creative lulls.

Never Underestimate the Power of Social Media…


Can social media help even this lowly photographer find a model? You bet it can! :D

Newbie on Board

Union Station @ Night

I did it. I entered a piece into a juried exhibition. (Well, three pieces, actually.) I doubt I get very far and certainly not far enough to be displayed, but I just decided that if I don’t ever try, I will never succeed…

A Very Conan Christmas

Christmas with a Biting Wit and Deadly Sword

We at Clockwork Creation Machine have decided that it really is time for a new face on Christmas. No more Santa and his shining reindeer. No more dancing Frosty with his silk hat. No more Jack Frost or that annoying Heat Miser… No more cheesy happy-go-lucky Christmas BS!! And what better spokesperson is there for […]