Project 365 ~ December 2013

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Just like the snow, December came with little warning and disappeared just as quickly. In fact, this entire year has seemed to fly by. It seems only a few days ago that we were spending New Year’s Eve fixing a broken couch and watching bad films as we waited to welcome 2013… And here we are, once again, on New Year’s Eve, waiting to usher in yet another new year… And so goes the cycle.

Here are a few of my favorite December 2013 pics.


Miranda experimenting with different methods of delivering snacks. (Yes, that’s a roller skate!)



In mid-December, we travelled to my paternal grandmother’s house to take part in the traditional tree trimming.



Christmas morning, I went to wake Jas and found him alone in bed with a green M&M… Maybe there’s something to those commercials that portray her as the leggy cartoon character!



Mae after opening her present from Jas & I. I couldn’t have nailed this one any better if I’d tried! :D



This is the time on Christmas when we rest! ;D



Jas & the girls putting together their Visible T-Rex. I said it looked like he’d just helped a mama dino birth a skeletal baby!



Goodbye good memories. This restaurant has been a staple of the girls’ childhood as their grandmother used to take them there quite often. On this evening, we found that it had closed its doors for good. Miranda and Mae both thought of it as a favorite because of all the great times they had with their grandmother.

Have a happy new year!


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