Till Me Under, Plant My Heart…


Lately, for reasons I can’t define, I’ve been having a hard time dealing with a lot of loss I’ve experienced over the past few years. I try not to think on it a lot, but it’s still there watching from just off stage like a nervous stage mother — So much pressure to act natural and ever make a good impression.

Vocal Coaching: Week 1


Last night was my first Vocal Coaching session. It was great! :D

Watch That First Step


I did it. I took the first step on a journey I’ve been mentally preparing for over the past 20 years:
I signed up for my first vocal coaching session as an adult…

In fact, I signed up for an entire months worth!

Still Learning…

photo 1

Always and forever figuring stuff out for myself and others.

A Long Time Coming


I remember the fist time I heard myself sing on tape and how it has, in a round about way, affected my entire life.

A Toast to 2013


2013 crept in quietly by the front door at midnight on January 1, 2013. She napped on the sofa for the first few months. (No doubt exhausted by jumping the previous year’s hurdles.) She slept late during that time, growing fat and resting well….

Christmas 2013 Redux


The Christmas Day Recap: Family, Presents, & Family! :D

Settling for a Life that is Less

Mandela Quote

No one mentions the inherent risk in living this way. No one really talks about what this particular person had to endure to be who he was… What he had to live with to be able to meaningfully say and think these thoughts.



I have been struck by the strong desire, NAY! I have been overtaken by the impressing need to travel lately. I can’t explain it, but just an hour ago I have entertained the fantastic notion of purchasing a plain ticket to, well, anywhere that’s not the US (and fairly temperate) and going there. RIGHT NOW! […]



Note to Self: People are NOT Slippers. Relationships are NOT like riding a bike. Friendships are NOT like in the movies. You do NOT have to bend so far you break. Loyalty is hard to come by. Adulting is hard. I find it problematic how I readily attach myself to people and then five minutes […]

Sick and Dying on the Midnight Express


Hollie contemplates the next steps and her parental relationships as she deals with the changing face of illness.

So Goes the Day…


Homemade Spring Rolls: Family’s first time making them and absolutely delicious! Lots of first times lately, but damn I just don’t want to miss my only chances, you know? When this stuff happens, these things happen, I get so scared… I know that everything slips. It falters. It fades. It ends. Mortality is a terrible, […]



Good Old Golden Rule Days…

First Day 2012-1

First Day The girls’ first day of school was a bit different this year. First, it was an earlier start to the day but about an hour, yet a later start to the year, by about a week. Both girls are taking their lunches this year, so that was a new routine to get used […]

Ancient History: Slickery Wicket 1994


These bits and pieces of information are things that have been suspected for the past 20 years by involved parties and now I’ve confirmed the suspicions, so that should cause a wave in the kiddie pool…

A Company Lunch


Friday was Jas’ company picnic at Faulkner’s Ranch here in Kansas City, MO. This was probably the most fun the girls had partaken of at one of these functions (they are usually held at the ball park) and the change of venue was a really good fit for family fun. The day was spent hanging out with […]

Important Facts


It’s a Strike!

 This year in lieu of a big birthday bash full of screaming neighborhood children, we threw an intimate family party full of bowling at The Diamond Bowl on the Independence, MO, Town Square. Then we hoofed it over to Square Pizza, where we had some of the best pizza around and played vintage stand-up video […]

You & Me, Together Whole


I see my car as an extension of myself. You see, when I was crippled up after the fateful wreck of 1997, a lot of freedom was taken from me… All that new found, newly adult freedom destroyed in an instant, sending me back to an infants life: Stuck in bed most of the day, […]

I feel old…

I feel old. Not like I’m dying or past my prime but more like I’ve earned more years than I’ve actually experienced. As if all the stupid mistakes, odd happenings and general day-to-day has taken a larger toll than it should. I’ve said, in the past, that giving up or reordering your dreams, big or […]

The Sum of Its Parts…


The Sum of Its Parts…
Thoughts on my background and past motivations.


Sometimes, when I write down on the outside what my soul says on the inside, I fall in love with my words and want to run away with myself. Other Posts You Might Like:

My 19th Year

Meme: Give me a year between 0 and 34 and I will tell you about that year of my life. The number was 19. When I was 19, I lived with my mother still. (This wasn’t exactly due to my choosing, but being stuck in a hospital bed for over 6 months, unable to walk […]

I wish the Goblin King Would Come…


You know, many times in my life, I’ve asked the Goblin King to come take things away right now… I’m still waiting.Honestly, it’s not so much that I’ve asked him to take something away as I’ve asked (begged) him to take me away from it! I remember, as I would sit reflecting on how different […]