Still Learning…

Last week, I figured a few things out, revisited a few old themes, and actually learned a couple new tricks.

First, I rediscovered how much I love to work at home. This week, KC experienced a huge snow storm. 8-12 inches over everything with drifting as high as 3 feet in some areas. The children’s school cancelled class Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday… everything was blanketed and there was no way I was getting out in that! So, time to work form home again. (Yay!)

One of many reasons working from home is a very good thing!

One of many reasons working from home is a very good thing!

Every time I do it for any extended period, I find myself happier, less stressed, and generally more productive. I honestly could work form home, become a hermit, and lock myself into a back office very, very easily, I think… Just imagine: The entire world a click away and me locked in a room in someone’s basement! :D

Of course, I was pretty stir crazy by Friday when I headed back into the office. Part of that may have been due to those keeping me company. (Have you ever been locked in a house with two very active, very ornery twins? Trust me, this can sometimes wear on you!) :D

Second, while playing Rock Band at my mother’s house this weekend, I discovered that my girls are starting to show some sort of interest in really making music! As it stands, Miranda is on drums, Mae on Bass… me on vocals. Yes, I’m on vocals a lot… It’s about the only thing I can do with any precision! :D I always put the kids on beginner or easy and myself on difficult or hard, depending on which permutation of the game we’re playing. We did pretty good… Of course, there came the inevitable squabble about wanting to switch with someone… So I let Mae sing, Miranda was on bass… I was on drums…

We got booed off three times. :)

photo 4

After a lot of finger pointing and general fussing from the girls, I explained to them that this was why bands work. Not everybody can do everything. Maybe a few things, or a couple, but you need to rely on the strengths of your group to make the best sound you can. This gave them renewed interest in their previous positions and we moved forward with high scores for all. :)

Maybe I should look into those children’s music lessons more closely? Maybe I should step into the student’s seat for a few voice lessons myself… Just to get these old-lady pipes back in shape! :D

I was also reminded that I have a lot of work to do socially. Nothing points this out faster than when I’m trying to identify with a person or empathize with them. Seriously, no matter how I try, I come across very dominant and somewhat combative when I address people in these situations. I don’t mean to. I just have a very forward style of speaking. It doesn’t matter what I’m trying to evoke, empathy or understanding, joy, comradery… What have ya. I always end up looking like a battle worn bitch. :/ It happens all the time.

There have been instances where a person reveals to me how unintentionally intimidating I am.  Maybe it’s because I’m tallish or because I’m a bigger person… Maybe because it hurts me not to sit or stand up straight. Maybe I have bitchy resting face. I have an odd accent, I guess. I don’t notice it, but people often ask where I’m from and are often surprised when I reply with “Right here!” Maybe that’s why…

But for whatever reason, women (and often men) seem to be intimidated by me at times… Other times, they seem pissed off by something I’ve done before I’ve even spoken.

This weekend, it happened twice in completely unrelated realms. One with an friendly acquaintance and once with a family member. I won’t go into specifics because dirty laundry is best aired in private and really I don’t think these people did anything wrong, save misunderstand my intent, and this is old hat. Still,  it left me feeling a bit shitty and like I wanted to lock myself in a back office somewhere. (See the first section.)

I learned that I resent having to ask permission to do the things I want to do as if I were a child.

photo 1

Seriously, I am 35 years old and the mother of two children. I have a full-time job, plus. I pay my bills and my taxes and, if I want to go to a rare party with my friends, then I shouldn’t have to ask permission. I also shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting to go. I shouldn’t have to feel as if I’ve done something wrong because I have a desire to NOT BE AT HOME! :P

Finally, I found out that fruit nectars make a darn good mixed drink. I had a leftover fruit juice mixture from our Girl Scout meeting Sunday… So I put it into a glass about half and half with some Villa Jolanda Moscato & Pineapple. It made a wonderfully refreshing sipper for any girl’s night out party or one with lighter-weight drinkers of any persuasion. :) (Recipe Follows)

photo 3

Mexican Canary

  • 16oz Jumex Peach Nectar
  • 16oz Jumex Mango Nectar
  • 6oz Jumex Papaya & Pineapple Nectar
  • 6oz frozen apple juice concentrate prepared using 6oz of water
  • Moscato to taste (We added Villa Jolanda Moscato & Pineapple equivalent to about 1 – 1.5 bottles (750ml size)

Chill all ingredients at least 3 hours prior to preparation.

Mix all the juices together in a LARGE pitcher or punch bowl, stirring to combine. Slowly add the moscato. Serve chilled or over cubes made from leftover nectars. Garnish with a peach or pineapple slice or a fun drink umbrella. (Maybe both!)



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