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I can be upset with them, love them, any of a million things with them… but in the end, I understand that telling a camel to be a swan just isn’t going to happen and I can only be angry at myself for asking that poor camel to try.


People buy what they are sold, whether the package matches the contents or not.

People should come with printed ingredients listings, handling warnings, & disclaimers… It would make life so much easier if we had this knowledge BEFORE having to deal with them!

Getting life in order can be such messy business… Especially when yours isn’t the only mess on the table!

Be wary of calling upon champions to throw to the lions, for they will no longer be there to save you. ~H


A part of me kinda wishes I DID look like the rotting corpse/demon in my avatar…

There’s something soothing about knowing you don’t have to attempt any sort of beauty when there is none. No trying to look healthy or fit when there’s none to be had… Just rotting, sculpted flesh with no pretenses of beauty or societal influence beyond horror and avoidance.


If you’re scared and you admit it out loud, it lends credibility to the fear. Giving it a name gives it strength; lends it an almost mortal quality… This can be both a very good thing and a very bad thing.

Often it is both at the very same time.


Sometimes, when I write down on the outside what my soul says on the inside, I fall in love with my words and want to run away with myself.