Letters on the Wind: The Boy


… I think of you often. The way you used to mean so much, yet gave so little. The way you drew me in, made me want to morph into something different, altered my perception, changed my soul.

Your heart didn’t know what your words did to me — Did your mind? I was a passing fancy — An object to enjoy as long as possible before tossing me off into the wind. At the time, you loved me… Maybe? Maybe — Maybe just snippets of me. Now, years later — I simply don’t know.

Long after I ceased to exist for you, I still remember what you felt like. Your scent. Your swagger. You… as you appeared to me in your tortured glory…

Invisble, Part 1


“I’m leaving,” she called to the empty house. Her words bounced off the cluttered furnishings like a high-bounce ball carelessly tossed by an invisible hand. “Invisible,” she thought. “I am invisible.”

It was a blustery morning as she started the many blocks to school. Not cold enough for snow, but cold enough to feel barbed ice crystals riding the wind to cut through her gloves and scarf as a knife cuts skin. Somewhere in the distance a wind chime played on the breeze until it came to some sort of violent end and clattered to a stop. Her pack felt heavy on her shoulders. She was alone. As she lumbered along, she told herself it was better this way. Alone is safe.




By Hollie A Miller
Featured on Thursday, April 26, 2012
by the Johnson County Public Library in honor of National Poetry Month

My Daughter, The Dead Fish

Dead Fish

My daughter being a “Dead Fish” last night at dinner.  Isn’t she precious? ;D Miranda Fish Series – Fish 1 – Variant 1   Miranda Fish Series – Fish 1 – Variant 2   Miranda Fish Series – Fish 1 – Variant 3


Plans for She-Ra's Dress

SIX to SUPER! Progress on the Retro Costuming


photo 2

After a bit of bum luck on Etsy, I’ve decided that in addition to selling my prints I could make them into one or two-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.

Journal Doodle:
Birthdays, Banking & BS

Lunch Time Journal Doodle: Birthdays, Banking & BS

With that in mind, Happy Birthday, Jas. Here’s an octopus. What does that mean? I don’t know, but I’m sure you’ll understand. And if you don’t? Well, have a happy birthday anyway.



The sun rose again today,
Contrary to last night’s “End of The World.”
I should be comforted by this…

I watch her rise above the horizon,
Fiery tendrils reaching across the sky in a blaze of defiance
Against my anything and everything.

Why does she choose to mock my mood?
To squash my worries like ants on the pavement?
Discrediting me with the simple act of rising.

She just beams, sometimes a little too brightly,
Sweet radiation cooking my skin, making me sweat.
Making me burn.

Keep Your Game Up!


Follow these suggestions and reminders to help revive your craft during creative lulls.

Never Underestimate the Power of Social Media…


Can social media help even this lowly photographer find a model? You bet it can! :D

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It…

Let's Bowl - March 2011

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It…
Design Jobs: Love them or hate them, they are a part of my life.

World of Wheels: What a Blast!


We survived World of Wheels unscathed (beside my sore ears from all the whining I was forced to listen to!) and had a great time!

Sins & Vices – All those Bad Things We Do


What an exhausting pace I’ve been keeping this term. My photography course kept me hopping and with all that tumbling after me, here we are at the end. My final project is officially finished, turned in and has been graded (although grades have not been posted as of yet.) Three weeks, over 1,700 photos and […]

Two More Weeks…

Graveyard Moss

Again, a busy two weeks shooting and another two weeks of busy holiday events! Take a look!

Pretty as a Picture

The Spell

This weekend finds me busy. Family, friends and lot’s and lot’s of work requests (scholarly and otherwise!) So, in lieu of a long, detailed post, here’s a few samples of what’s been going on! Miranda, casting a spell on the flowers at our table. A few apples and pomegranates I had laying around made for […]

Location Scouting… Again!


Last weekend was a combination of location scouting and generalized shooting. Now I’m armed with a slew of new places to photograph and a lot of new ideas for pieces I didn’t have before. Of course, nothing else got done last weekend, so it’s time to buckle down and get to work! No more playing… […]

Seasons Greetings?

Autumn Foliage

Here’s the first in the 4-part series illustrating the change of the seasons. Can’t wait to finish up the other 3! Keep your eyes peeled: Lot’s of changes are happening around here! (I mean, obviously, all previous posts are gone and the entire site has undergone a major overhaul, but even more changes are to […]

Winter Design Thumbnails


Chess Piece Designs


Tunnel Designs

Color Wheel & Ring Design

Gear Design

The Final Project

The last two assignments were to sketch and finalize a piece that demonstrated at least 2 of the core competencies we’d covered in class. Here’s my attempt at not failing! Draft: Final Submission: Personally I think it looks cartoonish and her nose is trashed! LoL! (I actually liked the sketch better than the final… but […]

Self Portrait

Week 5, Assignment 2 is a self-portrait from a mirror… Not from a picture or any other method… So, that’s what I did… Good thing work was slow today. I was able to devote quite a lot of time to finishing this up (having sketched it out Monday night and started shading it in last […]