I’ve decided that rather than trying to sell my prints just as prints, I needed to rethink what I’m doing and how I’m going about doing it. Sure, I take photos and, sometimes, they’re pretty darn good photos. But, good or not, favorited or not, the prints aren’t getting the attention nor sales that I’d like. This is not uncommon and really wasn’t exactly unexpected. (A little disappointing, certainly, but not unexpected.)

So, I started thinking this through and decided that my art could be made into one or two-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. For the moment, I’m focusing on bracelets and I really, really can’t wait to show them to you all. They really are, if all goes as planned, going to be beautiful!

But, until supplies finish arriving, all I can do is show you a few pieces of my inspiration for the first design. I promise not to keep you waiting too long for the final project.

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