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Too Much…

Hot & Mean

I’m too skinny, he says… But to that one? I’m much, much too fat… And she thinks I’m too loud, but her friend finds me too quiet… And I’m definitely too much on the whole… but still not quite enough. There are times when I’ve been handsome, beautiful even, when the mood strikes you… yet […]

Shopping on a Sunday Afternoon

Shopping on a Sunday Afternoon: All the pasty, pale faces, All the cheap tees and zip front hoodies… The oddly Christian ethic morphed into lame commercial culture… The everything that reminds me of you. You: With your white-washed suburban ideals, no more than 2 steps from poor, white trash. The bigotry you spew would condemn […]



The sun rose again today,
Contrary to last night’s “End of The World.”
I should be comforted by this…

I watch her rise above the horizon,
Fiery tendrils reaching across the sky in a blaze of defiance
Against my anything and everything.

Why does she choose to mock my mood?
To squash my worries like ants on the pavement?
Discrediting me with the simple act of rising.

She just beams, sometimes a little too brightly,
Sweet radiation cooking my skin, making me sweat.
Making me burn.

My Confession to You…


Sometimes, at night, I wait for you.. as if you’d come…

I think of your face, your eyes… Your lips. The way your voice sounds or how you smell…