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Journal Doodle:
Birthdays, Banking & BS

Lunch Time Journal Doodle: Birthdays, Banking & BS

With that in mind, Happy Birthday, Jas. Here’s an octopus. What does that mean? I don’t know, but I’m sure you’ll understand. And if you don’t? Well, have a happy birthday anyway.

The Final Project

The last two assignments were to sketch and finalize a piece that demonstrated at least 2 of the core competencies we’d covered in class. Here’s my attempt at not failing! Draft: Final Submission: Personally I think it looks cartoonish and her nose is trashed! LoL! (I actually liked the sketch better than the final… but […]

Self Portrait

Week 5, Assignment 2 is a self-portrait from a mirror… Not from a picture or any other method… So, that’s what I did… Good thing work was slow today. I was able to devote quite a lot of time to finishing this up (having sketched it out Monday night and started shading it in last […]

Basic Proportions in Self-Portraiture

This was a pretty simple assignment. Basically we were to use our basic sighting techniques and, armed with our trusty books and guidelines (rule of halves), look into a mirror and draw a basic sketch (NO REAL DETAILS) of our own faces to get things lined out properly and in proportion. Simple assignment, right? Yes, […]

Union Station… Sorta?

This is the clock in front of Union Station at night.

I Want It Big…

Week 4, Assignment 2: Large Scale Object (like a bed or dresser) – Show texture… The Flammable Materials Cabinet on the press floor, plus some other bits and pieces

Smooth vs. Rough


Week 4, Assignment 1: Texture Study – Draw 2 opposite textures in 4″x 4″ squares.


Week 3, Assignment 3: Draw a still life with cloth draping in it somewhere.  I ended up with 2 versions of the scene and I never really liked either one in ANY capacity… Initial Version:   Final Version:  

Egg Grouping


Week 3, Assignment 2: Simple. Using 1 dozen eggs, create a still life and use proper proportion and shading… Using the dreaded charcoal… *LUV*

Yes, But Does It Have Any Real Value?

Week 3, Assignment 1: Create a value scale, then draw a sphere that demonstrates proper shading. So, I did: No, it's not the best thing since sliced bread, but neither am I

Still Life #2

Week 2, Assignment 3: Complex Still Life

Still Life #1

I Got You In My Sight…

Ever see a movie where there's an artist holding their arm out looking at their pencil while trying to draw something? Yeah, me neither, but I guess they exist The technique I just described is called sighting and, in this course, it's all the rage Week 2, Assignment 1: Use sighting to draw a small […]

Modified Contour – Hand w/ Object

Week 1, Assignment 2: Modified Contour Study… of your hand… again… Only this time, hold something in it