ADDENDUM (10/10/2011):

All it took was 15 minutes in the local costume shop while looking at all the goodies there, for my peaches and cream duo to decide they wanted to be something else for Halloween. Since we’d not gotten started on the sewing, I indulged they’re pandering (There were a lot of whines and promises, to be certain!) I agreed and helped them choose their new costumes. Although the new choices are spookier, I think the girls will be happier with them, ultimately, and I’m glad we rethought this project!



As previously mentioned, my six-year-old twins have chosen a rather retro and, in today’s costume purchasing world, ultimately unheard of costume theme this Halloween season: She-Ra, Princess of Power. For those of you too young or not quite hip enough to know who or what that is, feast your eyes on this! Of course, Miranda, my active tomboy type, chose She-Ra’s super strength and abilities as her inspiration, where as Mae, my girly-girl, chose Frosta, who is a bit more tsk-tsk. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself with a little Adventure Time reference in there!)

I’m not kidding myself. I realize that turning two unruly and, quite often, dirty children into glamorous super heroes is NOT going to be easy… But, we’re trying anyway!

~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~

Mission: Transform SIX to SUPER!

~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~









Takes Planning!




· White Dress or Romper w/ Gold Embellishment· Red Cape· Gauntlets and Leggings (boots)_ Gold Belt· Gold Ribbon Choker

· Gold Sword w/ Blue Gem Embellishment

_ Gold Headress w/ Red Gem Embellishment

√ Blond Wig

√ Flesh-colored Body Suit

· Dark Blue Top w/ White & Dark Blue Gem Embellishment· Medium Blue Cape√ Dark Blue Leggings· White Skirt w/ Light Blue Embellishment (belt)· Dark Blue Ribbon Choker

· White Snowflake Staff

_ Elbow-length White Gloves

√ Blue Wig

√ White Body Suit

~•~· Plan Created ~ √ Done or Purchased ~ _ Needs Plan or Purchased


I’ve been trying to plan out how to make and what I’ll need for most of these items and I think I’m on the right track, so far. Wigs and bodysuits have been purchased and a Sunday trip to my mom’s house is planned for sometime in the next couple weeks to spend the day sewing and fabricating. (Her craft room is a treasure trove of sewing machines and other odds and ends that should come in handy, not to mention her years of sewing experience from which I can draw!)

Well, until next time,



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