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Union Station @ Night

Union Station @ Night

I did it. I entered a piece into a juried exhibition. (Well, three pieces, actually.) I doubt I get very far and certainly not far enough to be displayed, but I just decided that if I don’t ever try, I will never succeed… And I’ve wanted to see something of mine displayed in some sort of public forum for as long as I can remember…

I know it’s silly, but having someone look over, think about… maybe even have intelligent discourse over a bit of my work would be the ultimate for me. I’m not in it for the cash, I’m in it because I want someone to see what it is I’m trying to have them see. I want people to take in what I’m showing them and really think about it… And being displayed publicly is the first step in that direction. I mean, who’s to say I have nothing to impart unto society?

Still, while I may not be new to the idea of wanting my work shown, I AM new to the how part of it. So, my submission style at this point is… Rudimentary and a little lame, I’m afraid. So much to say and no words to say it? Or maybe I just don’t know the jargon yet.

Ah, well… Keep trying, right? Tips and pointers are definitely appreciated, if you’re willing. I could really use the help.


Addendum: I did not post a copy of the images I’m submitting here simply because I didn’t want to draw attention to them as being good or bad at this point. I simply put the image at the top of this post to give readers something pretty to look at. This was taken in March for a class and was a lot of fun to be out at midnight taking pics of Union Station! ~H

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