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10 Reasons I Need to Run the Shamrock & Run 5K


Gym Motivation Thigh Muscles 25 Pounds BMI GLUTES Bragging Rights Bottle Opener Finisher’s Medal Expensive Running Shoes Focus Proof I still Can! Big Picture Goals: Run another 5K, Take a Great Vacation this Year, Retire by 55, Pay off the Car, Pay off the House Goals for Today: Pay Bills, Balance Checkbook, Get Groceries & […]

My Regime


I lay my health routine out for the masses… Cuz I’m all about transparency ;P

Mae & Miranda’s ALS Ice Bucket Kung Fu Challenge

The girls and I were challenged. I knew it would happen eventually and they both knew what it was about, but our challenge came in bright and early Wednesday morning, the day both Mae & I were out sick. You see, our GS troop was challenged by my friend Jackie’s youngest. Mae and I thought […]