Mae & Miranda’s ALS Ice Bucket Kung Fu Challenge

The girls and I were challenged.

I knew it would happen eventually and they both knew what it was about, but our challenge came in bright and early Wednesday morning, the day both Mae & I were out sick. You see, our GS troop was challenged by my friend Jackie’s youngest. Mae and I thought long and hard about how we wanted this to go down.

First it was decided that anyone who still felt sick at the time of filming was to be left out for the moment. (That dropped me to the curb…) Then, I shot Mae the “badly dubbed Kung Fu” premise and she was sold. So it was on to them making signs so their intent was fairly clear, me filming each scene from multiple angles (cuz we were using the trusty iPhone), and then everything was handed over to mom for editing and dad for voice over.

Within 45 minutes, start to finish, we had one heck of an old-skool, Kung-fu style challenge video.

They in turn challenged me (is this a double challenge since I was ready challenged as part of the troop) & their grandmother. I promise to take care fo both challenges once I’m over this ick. :)

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