10 Things I Have to Do This Week

  1. Find a location for the LiA overnight my GS troop is running in a month or so for a great little Brownie group or two and touch base with possible attendees
  2. Sort out all of my tax docs to see what’s missing and  figure out if I I can locate it online or whether I’ll need to request it from various sources
  3. Finalize WTD Plans with my girls
  4. Start 5K Training Again & Sign up for the ShamRock & Run
  5. Finalize 2017 Family Budget
  6. Start Thinking About Birthday & Other Spring Event Plans
  7. Finalize Plan for Troop Meeting Before Wednesday
  8. Gather GS Receipts  & Send all Parents Presidential Volunteer Information
  9. Touch Base with SU People About Recognitions & Get on Facebook and Pump WTD, Recognitions, and COOKIES!
  10. Start looking at goal planning systems


Annual Goals: Plan & Take a Great Vacation on a small budget, Repair the teepee and de-stank it thoroughly, Epoxy Coat the Basement Floor, Dress Up that Bar!

Quarterly Goals: Run another 5K, Pay off Bettie, Get the basement cracks & funky odor squared away,

Monthly Goals: Sign Up for the Shamrock & Run 5K, Pay my 2016 Personal Property Taxes (Bettie is over $500 by herself – I’ve been saving for the hit, I promise.), set up the annual budget, get a separate cage set up for Clover

Weekly Goals: Register to vote at my current address and get my driver’s license updated, Finish Annual Budget

Daily Goals: Get Gas, Get Physical, Watch BSG

Gratitude: I’m grateful for my friends who keep me sane… you know who you are! :D

Inspiration: My Sweet Potato Queens



Last summer, Jackie, our respective broods, and I headed out to Harvester’s to help out. We had a great time and the girls sorted through more potatoes than any of us wanted to see again for a really. long. time. :D So, today, when I have ten tons of crap on my desk, I”m going to think about all those potatoes and how it seemed impossible at first, but after plugging along steadily, we wiped them out! :D





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