10 Reasons I’m Crabby Today


  1. I had to de-curl this mire of a hairdo this morning.
  2. Early morning meetings.
  3. Coffee Pot empty with no more coffee grounds to make more. :/
  4. Radius training that isn’t about your area, but about your platemaker’s area so that you can be sure to help him when he inevitably messes it up.
  5. My lunch box smells like garlic & butter. There is no garlic or butter in it.
  6. I did not pack enough food in said lunch box, so I ended up having to partake of the snack machine.
  7. The @*!?&$@# Snack Machine refused to take my $5 bill. It just spat it back out at me with a snicker and a rude finger gesture.
  8. Having to hunt around for ANYBODY who has change for a $5 bill… Finally settling on my platemaker who is carrying WAY too much cash for today’s world in his wallet!
  9. Network Admins that disconnect you from the automation server WITHOUT WARNING!
  10. Overzealous doors that attack my elbows EVERY DAMN MORNING as I walk into work.

Annual Goals: Plan & Take a Great Vacation on a small budget, Repair the teepee and de-stank it thoroughly, get the basement floor epoxy coated

Quarterly Goals: Run another 5K, Pay off Bettie, Get the basement cracks & funky odor squared away

Monthly Goals: Sign Up for the Shamrock & Run 5K, Pay my 2016 Personal Property Taxes (Bettie is over $500 by herself – I’ve been saving for the hit, I promise.), set up the annual budget, get a separate cage set up for Clover

Weekly Goals: Register to vote at my current address and get my driver’s license updated

Daily Goals: Get Gas, Get Physical, Watch BSG,

Gratitude: Today I’m grateful that my platemaker carries cash — oodles and oodles of cash — so he can change out my $5 bill for the arrogant snack machine. :)

Inspiration: Waiting on it! :P



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