Toast & Tea: July’s Just Fine for Fighting
(So’s Friday, I hear.)

photo 2

Was looking through my Sunday eReading and stumbled upon these gems to possibly lighten & enlighten on a weekend morning.
Take with coffee or tea… Maybe a croissant if you’re into that sort of thing — Which, I AM! — and enjoy!

Prince’s Fridge. Yes, the musician. Yes, he likes Dunk-a-roos  and mustard… and apparently not much else!

A Brilliant Resignation Letter. (Granted, it’s not quite as outrageous as the manager’s notes from this Domino’s Firing, but you have to respect it’s good use of grammar.)

Lana Del Rey scandalously hates on Ms. Gaga in a leaked song… And I actually kinda liked it. There’s just something about the sing-song lilt coupled with such hateful words that appeals for some reason. (Sorry Monsters… As a song, it’s not so bad!)

A preview of the New Cosmos was revealed… I fell in love with the original series over 20 years ago during my late afternoon “Special Topics in Science Class.” Let’s hope the new one does Sagan justice.

This Tumblr is delightfully wrong and absolutely in need of professional help. (Of course, I was immediately in love with it for ALL the wrong reasons!)

I’ve been considering doing this: 23 & me.

MARTHA STEWART! I must admit: I love me some Martha! There’s just something about a woman who can first show you how to roll a joint, kinda admit she’s been in a ménage á trois, and in the next sentence tells you how to easily and effectively make the best cheesecake EVER!  Best Line from the article“Zero. Fucks. Given.” and I really think it’s true!

This macro photography of Oil, Ink, & Soap will delight the eyes and blow the mind. (Or, at the very least, give you something pretty awesome to look at for a second! :D )

Bill Murray. BILL MURRAY! Really, enough said there…

Oh, yeah… and a lesson on how to give a commanding whistle with the fingers in the mouth. You know, that loud, obnoxious whistle that gets EVERYONE’S attention! (Naw, it didn’t work for me, either…)

I guess that was a strong dose of WTF from your very special purveyor of such:  Me! Enjoy! ;D


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