Question 1: Love Me or Hate Me… There Really is No Middle Ground…

First: A little background information…

It is conjectured that the more a pair of individuals share their vulnerabilities, the more likely they will be to have deep, personal feelings toward each other… Sometimes to the point of loving one another, romantically or otherwise. Psychologist Arthur Aaron of Stony Brook University has created a study to prove this point.

The study goes so far as to propose a series of 36 questions, each delving deeper into a person’s psyche with the aim of seeing if a pair of strangers could fall in love following a session of questions answering and looking into each other’s eyes for a lengthy 4-minutes…

As a social experiment, I have decided to answer those questions here, exposing my vulnerabilities to the masses, and hope that others will comment with their own answers, as well, to see if that closeness can be fostered in a far more public way… And if it can’t, well, won’t it be fun to se just how silly I am? :D


Question #1: Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?

I would want to have dinner with my deceased uncle Finn. We spent a lot of time together in my youth and he is still one of those people I can point to and say: “This person influenced who I am in so many ways… More ways than I can count.”



Well-loved by many and just such a great person, he is missed sorely all around. Even at his most fucked up, he was and will remain one of my favorite people that ever existed.

His death was very sudden – taken by a heart attack – and there are so many things I do and have done that I know he’d have something to say about, give advice about, commiserate with, might even be proud of.

I think of him everyday. I miss him terribly. I often wonder if there are any of his ashes left so that I might actually add them to the ink in my next piece so I can carry him with me forever… as a bird or a flower or a musical note… or maybe even as part of the road less traveled piece. Yes – that seems fitting.

I have told my children, often, that it is a shame they don’t have an uncle that when you ask what he got for Christmas, he would drolly report “Hookers & Blow” in a jocular fashion. That they would not get to see the way his hands would move when he was describing some intricate thing. That they would not get to meet the man behind the legend. That they would never know the wild hair or the bad jokes or the everything and anything that was Finn.

So, yes… That’s who I would want as a dinner guest: My Dear Uncle Finn

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