The Fight is In Our Bones…

This is a recurring thought for me on an almost daily basis… And not just with my kids, but with everything: Please understand that I tried and I often persevered through challenges untold and hardships unnumbered, through a million shattered everythings, through heartbreak and confusion, through pain, all of this and so much more that I don’t even share just to be here for you, to do what needs to be done. Through the haze I have come and I pray that you will understand that it may not be perfect, but I’m here and I try and I MAKE SHIT HAPPEN. That my tribe, the people like me, we MAKE SHIT HAPPEN, through every wall erected, through every barrier placed, through every petty, insignificant, rule… we push on and WE MAKE SHIT HAPPEN. It won’t be perfect. It sometimes won’t even be good. But it’s better than if we hadn’t done it at all and it’s a good sight better than those making the rules and erecting those walls might have done.

I guess I simply wish the world was a little more understanding. A little kinder. A little more than I normally expect it to be. So I don’t have to fight so hard.So I don’t feel like I am constantly against those barriers, pushing and scratching. Because one day I won’t be able to fight.

There will come a time in the not so incredibly distant future when I will be barely able to stand, let alone charge at those walls. And I hope that there will be somebody like me to fight them for me. I hope that my legacy is that I have shown the world how to fight, how to stand — How to be that one pinpoint of light in the darkness. That one fist in the air.

Things will change and we all will have our great moments. Everyone is a star and we all garner our praise where we can get it…

But I hope that when I’m dead and gone the Tale of Hollie, My story and the memories of me, are strong enough to live on, spurring others onto something better than where they might have been. Even if it’s just in one small thought, a stray memory, one momentary pause, then all this might have been worth it.

Christmas Gifts from Mom & Dad

Christmas Gifts from Mom & Dad

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