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Visible Hollie

Visible Hollie

Hurt myself again.. and yes, I can still feel!

Sunday night, as I lay sleeping, a horrible pain sprouted from deep within my lower right abdomen. This ache was so painful that it woke me from my sleep with a cry. It felt mean and ripping… like someone had shoved a dull knife into my guts and left it protruding to fester and bleed. I tried ibuprofen. I tried changing positions. I tried massage. I visited the doctor. I tried RX pain meds. Nothing seemed to help. The pain just kept getting worse.

I tried going to work to see if it would go away on it’s own. It didn’t. I visited with the doctor hoping for some miracle cure. She had none. I even consulted friends for anecdotes and tidbits of advice… Still, nothing seemed to help. Work just made the pain unbearable. The doctor was waiting to see which direction this was going to go in order to order the proper tests. And friends, well, it’s sumer, they’re busy and most of them just weren’t available… Eventually, after a few things progressed, tests were ordered. Tables were laid on. Scans were taken.

After 2 nights of no sleep, a day and a half of extreme pain, and convincing myself that either my appendix was ready to burst or some mean ovarian cyst was rearing it’s ugly head,  I now know exactly what I did to myself. I strained / partially tore my Large Right Rectus Abdominis. That’s right. I literally “shredded” my abs… And I’m still not even sure how! :P

[Find a little more info here: Rectus Abdominis Muscle Injury from LiveStrong ]

The doctor has prescribed rest, first and foremost — That means no work until Monday and bowing out of a lot of the holiday festivities for the next few weeks. I’ve been letting my newly purchased heating pad make sweet love to my achy abs 3 times per day, also doctor’s orders, and have been taking a cocktail of prescription pain killers, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatories that the doctor felt were best for my particular problem.

Of course, all this resting has left me with a lot of creative time on my hands. So I’ve been messing around with a few ideas I’ve been pondeirng but haven’t really had time for until now. I purchased some canvases, pens, pencils, and paints and have been really putting a few things down on paper as I think.

Of course, I’ve also been busy puttering with some electronic graphics (including those on this page!) and have been helping a friend set up his own private web server (from a distance).

And I guess that’s all. Here are a few images from my scan on Tuesday that I thought were interesting.

My pelvis and abdomen via CT Scan Note the metal link in my left pelvis.

My pelvis and abdomen via CT Scan
Note the metal link in my left pelvis.

An animated GIF of my CT scan going from chest to legs

An animated GIF of my CT scan going from chest to legs then back again

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