The Bucket List: 50+ Ways to Add to the Story

Everybody has a list of things they want to do before the end comes. Things like jump out of an airplane or see their kids graduate… You know, those sorts of things. Inspired by a few friends, I decided that it was time to catalog some of these things and actually do a few of them! I know that a lot of people set up lists full of exotic travel and faraway lands, but some of these things require time and money that I don’t always have. That’s where the simpler things get sprinkled in… Still, I can’t help but look toward that trip to Europe ;D


The List

Take a Trip to Alaska

Take a Cruise

Camp in the Pacific Northwest

Drive Along the Pacific Coast Highway with the Windows Down

✔Visit Chicago for a long Weekend

Take Miranda Anne for a Ride in a Helicopter

✔Go on a Long Road Trip by Myself

Take Mae to New York City

Visit the Grand Canyon

Ride on the Orient Express (Venice-Simpleton is close enough!)

Visit Europe

Learn more about Yoga and practice it more often

Finish My Right Arm’s Ink

Do a Chin-up

✔Take Voice Lessons as an adult

✔Learn More About Buddhism

Take a Class in Conversational Chinese

✔Live a healthier lifestyle

Retire at 55

Create a Window Herb Garden and Keep it Alive

Make $500 ANY Profit off of my Etsy Shop

Get my Retirement Finances in Order

Plan and Pre-arrange my Funeral and Write my Will

✔Get Jason’s Building Finished

Put a Porch on the Front of the House

Start my Weird Taxidermy Collection

✔Collect and Maintain a Proper Shelf of Curiosities

Have a Proper Vegetable Garden

Throw a Masquerade

Have a Sledding Party at the Huge Hill Outside of Town

Take a Cooking Class with a Friend

Make my own Lemon and Vanilla Curds

Learn to make homemade amaretto (

Throw a “Grown-up” Dinner Party

Take an Artist’s Retreat

Buy a Bass and Learn to Play

Write, Illustrate and Publish The Mother

Hold an Art Show featuring my Work

Make a Plaster Cast of my Head & Learn to Work with Latex / Effects Make-up

Take a Class on Watercolor

Set up my iPhoneography and Journaling Classes

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  1. Erin D says:

    I love your goals, we have a lot of similar ones! I dream of taking a cruise up to Alaska, voice lessons, doing yoga and cooking classes, learning about Buddhism, etc…so happy to meet you! :)

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